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 Anti-Hacking methods [GUIDE]

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Anti-Hacking methods [GUIDE] Empty
PostSubject: Anti-Hacking methods [GUIDE]   Anti-Hacking methods [GUIDE] I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 16, 2012 10:27 am

Firstly, this is a guide which was posted by me in RS2006.NET forums, so I had an idea posting here too..

"********" means pass word

Since this will be a problem for sure(I mean, future bots, keyloggers, or everything that is in common with RS2006).
Here is a guide that gonna make you safe 99%.

First, why 99%?
Because mistakes are expected.

Second, what is a keylogger?
It's a program that is similar to a virus, it saves your writing logs into a file, so your ******** will be in danger 100%.

Third, How bots/others could hack me?
It may contain a keylogger, or maybe it saves your ******** and send it to it's owner.

So let's get into the guide!

1- ********
A: Never put it easy or expected.
B: Never put it like "QWERTYUIOP" or "qqaazzwwssxx123"
or anything that has a particular method.
C: Never put it same to your RuneScape, social network or any other websites' ********.
D: Make it easy to remember, hard to guess.
E: Change it every 1-3 weeks.

2- Sharing
A: Never share accounts with brothers,sisters,fathers,mothers,friends,girlfriend/boyfriend, absolutely no one!
B: If someone asks you in game, report him as "******** Scamming".
C: If someone asks you out game (real life, skype, social networks, etc..), just don't even look at them, blocking is a good option.

3- Recovery Questions (If there could be).
A: Set recovery questions whenever it is released.
B: Keep changing your recovery questions possibly 1 time per month.
C: Inserting random answers to the questions is a good idea.
D: Save the answers in a good place.

4- Computer
A: Install the best INTERNET SECURITY software that you could possibly buy.
B: If you're in a shared computer, then it's a good idea to not let your browser remember the ********.

5- Bank PIN
A: Even if you're hacked, you can save your bank.
B: Never put it similar to any number that you use in real life/internet/any place.
C: Make it easy to remember, hard to guess.

6- Other
A: Never use illegal programs.
B: Try avoiding phishing sites.

Hope this helped ya Smile
Hope this get stickied Neutral

~ Nero
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Anti-Hacking methods [GUIDE]
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