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Our current goal is to reach 22$, We currently have 0.66$/22$.

1. Go to
Donation Ranks

2. Click on Buy now button. Now you're being directed to donating page.
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3. On the left you see title called '' Your order summary.'' Under it there are 2 gaps, in one of them where it says ''Enter description''
Write the rank you're buying and the username. Example: ''10$ Parton - Eka''
Under it where it says Item price, enter your price. Example: If you're buying 10$ Patron rank the price could be 10.00 .On the right under the title: '' Have a PayPal account?'' log into your Paypal account to proceed to payment.
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5. Fill in the correct gaps for the payment and send.

Note: Please take a picture on the screen after you have paid. Just in case if something goes wrong with the payment.

Note2: You won't get the rank instantly. You'll get in the next 24 hours.