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 ~ Nero's Account Progress AKA Goals & Achievements~

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Post~ Nero's Account Progress AKA Goals & Achievements~

Hi there Smile, I believe it will be nice if I make one, so let's get started:
(Forgive me for my English, there might be something wrong though, :S)

First of all, I'm a weekend gamer, means that I only play in weekends.

Second, this progress consists of two parts, 1- Pre-Alpha | 2- Alpha+.
What will I do in the Pre-Alpha? Simply, I will try out all contents and try to find some bugs, I'm not going to play and focus on levels in that stage because it's going to be reset already, so I don't want to feel sorry about my 'wasted' time on the pre-alpha stage, also, every point will take a particular time to test.
When Alpha comes out, I will start playing normal and do the list, the alpha+ will have rounds, each round will have things to be done, quests aren't included there, I will do them when I feel like to.

Third, in each part, Goals are 'colored' written in a list, see the legend to see what that means.

Fourth, you would ask me why do you want to post here instead of the actual RS2006.NET forums?
The answer is very clear, I hate big, big forums, I mean, you post a thread, wait two minutes, go find it in the latest pages, also, there is no quotes or forum code stuffs there.

Fifth, I'm not challenging anyone, or having a race with the community, I'd like to play and have fun.

Sixth, feel free to do like me Very Happy.


Account Progress

Still doing it
Not touched

Pre Alpha, which is for testing only:

  • Skills (Might not include all skills)

    • WoodCutting
    • FireMaking
    • Fishing
    • Cooking
    • Minning
    • Smithing
    • RuneCrafting
    • Crafting
    • Thieving
    • Fletching
    • Farming
    • Combat
    • Magic
    • Range
    • Might add more ...

  • Mini Games (Might not include all of the mini games)

    • Castle Wars
    • Duel Arena
    • Barrows
    • Might add more ...

Alpha+, (the stage where I will play normal)

  • Round 1

    • 50 Woodcutting + Firemaking
    • 40 Fishing + Cooking
    • 40 Attack, Defense, Strength
    • 40 Magic
    • 30 Range
    • 40 Mining & Smithing
    • 45 Fletching
    • 25 Thieving
    • 30 Crafting
    • Collect ???? coins

  • Round 2

    • More to come ...

That's all
Support please Smile

~ Nero

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~ Nero's Account Progress AKA Goals & Achievements~ :: Comments

Good luck with you progress. Also it's fourth not forth Smile.
Red Partyhat wrote:
Good luck with you progress. Also it's fourth not forth Smile.

Thanks =) and fixed Very Happy
Good luck with your goals!
Eka wrote:
Good luck with your goals!

Thanks Smile
Good luck!
Erika wrote:
Good luck!

Thanks Very Happy

~ Nero's Account Progress AKA Goals & Achievements~

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