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Steel Local

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PostSubject: I MISS THIS FORUM!   Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:31 am

Hello guys (anyone who sees this)
I am very dissapointed that this forum has gone away left in a corner. I loved it here.
Now, that we have merged with REM06HQ, we have been slowly rotting away in post rate and in-game forum time.
I want to revive this forum and just do what we did back in February, and hope we can do that again for a long time. Also, I have nowhere else to post this message because REM06HQ's forum is offline(?)

Picture in spoiler:

Please, if anyone sees this from the old forum take time to reply and thus help to revive this forum in any way possible. I hope to see you in 2006Scape soon and talk with you again.

~ Emilian
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